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When Mom was in town, she got to enjoy all of the homecoming festivities with us.  It was a week choc full of fun!
The week started off with the official "Mum exchange".

For my readers (my family back home 😆😆😆), Those big things they are holding in their hands are called mums.  Well, hers is a mum and his is a garter...and they wear these to school on the Friday of the homecoming game.
Exhibit A:

This is obviously a Texas tradition (a very expensive one, at that).  Here is a close up of them...

You should've seen Tasha and I when we went to the mum store for the first time.  (Yes, there is such a thing! 😲)

Welcome to Texas!!  😉
We took Mom to the homecoming parade.  We love going to this every year!  It's so much fun!

On Friday, Mom and I went to the pep rally!

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