Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Hill Country Getaway

We took a little trip to San Antonio for Labor Day weekend.

When I realized we would be be driving right through Waco, I knew I had to make a pit stop!  I was really hoping to see Chip and Joanna, but sadly, I didn't.  I did get a quick peak at their store though.  It was so cool, but SO CROWDED!  I will be back!

We knew once we got to the JW Hill Country Resort, we would probably not leave.  So, we stopped off in downtown San Antonio for a little sight seeing.  And boy was it hot!  Holy Moly!

The Alamo

We arrived at our resort and had to check things out!  This is the view from our hotel room...

 It was beautiful at sunset!

 We did a lot of lounging by the pool, sipping fruity drinks and eating guacamole.  The boys loved the lazy river (so did Bart and I), the slides, the big pool, etc...  It was so nice just to sit and relax and have fun!

Proof that they do love each other...

Since my pictures really don't do the JW justice, I stole a couple from the internet...

It was beautiful!

We got up early on Monday and headed for our drive home through Hill Country.  We stopped off in Fredericksburg for a little shopping and lunch.  It was a darling little German town!!

While I did a little boutique shopping, the boys found a couple of gun and knife stores and even a museum to keep them busy!

Well, that wraps up our little getaway.  I love making these kinds of memories with my family!  So fun and thankful for time away together!

Friday Night Lights...Oh Yeah!

It's that time again!  Time for some Friday night lights, baby!!  We love us some high school Friday night football games!  And we really love the Mighty Eagle Band!  Woo hoo!!

Pep Rally time again!

Way to go, Judd!

 Judd and Kelsey after the half time show!

Go Prosper Eagles!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Back to School!

Well, we have a 10th grader and a 5th grader!  How did that happen?!  Time, please slow down!!  

Traditional first day of school pic...

Judd got new glasses and his braces off right before school started!  Isn't he handsome?

Jack's first piano/drum lesson.  So far, he is loving it!

Can you see the resemblance in these two?  Holy smokes!  This was at an Italian restaurant in Frisco.

One last swim at the country club before we say goodbye to the pool for the year!

My sweet friend, Carrie, turned 40!  I had so much fun spoiling her on her big day!!

Pedicures for the win!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Family Fun in Alabama

We had a wonderful time with family in Alabama!  

We drove down the day before Bart's Birthday, so it was fun celebrating with family.

We met both of our parents and my sister's family at the catfish place in MS on our way into town.  Mom surprised Bart with one of his favorite cakes from a local bakery! 

I got up early and attempted to walk off the Birthday cake I ate the night before.  My view reminded me of one of the reasons I love Mobile so much.  Look at those big, beautiful trees.

Since this was Bart's actual Birthday, I surprised him with mini bundt cakes for breakfast!  (I should've gone for another walk after breakfast ;)

I snuck off to meet my Mom, Kristie and Mattie for a quick little lunch!

Later that evening, we went to dinner with the Roberts to celebrate Bart and Devin's Birthdays.

Love these people so much!  :)

The next morning, we went to DWBC to be there for Bryson's Baptism.  We were so glad we were in town for this big day!

The Dreher's were in the house!!

That evening, we went to my parent's house for a shrimp boil (one of our favorite meals to have while in Mobile)!

Will y'all look at the kids "helping" Mimi make a chocolate sheet cake!  Who gets to lick the spoon??!!  Pick me!  Pick me!

The sisters!  :)

Mom!  :)

Look at dose shrimps!! Yum!

On the 4th of July, we went to Doyle and Chandley's beach house at Orange Beach.  It was so fun being at the beach with family!

Colin took Jack for a ride in his new boat!  He loved it!

Sadly, this is how Judd spent most of the day.  I had given him some allergy medicine for his allergies that morning.  It knocked him out.  :(  Poor guy!

The next day, we headed to Fairhope for lunch at Panini Pete's and then to The Grand Hotel in Point Clear with some of my family!

Cheers!  We made it!

That view!

There are BIG advantages to being a morning person at the bay!

Cousin time!

Our favorite thing to do....Morning coffee by the bay while the others are still sleeping!

This is the life!!

More cousin time!

Big Daddy's chillaxin'!

Aunt Becke and Uncle Larry!

My sweetie!

These sweet cousins are like sisters to me and Kristie!

Beautiful sunset at the pier!

Momma!  :)

When you get an early start, you get the whole pool to yourself!


The Grand Hotel was beautiful!  We had so much fun seeing family we don't get to see much.

After the Grand, we headed back to Mee Maw and Pee Paw's house.  We took a trip to see Trevor's shop in Fairhope one day.  We asked Trevor to make us a dining room table, so we wanted to go pick out the wood, talk about measurements, design, and all of that sort of thing.  He is so talented, so I am super excited about this!

Lunch at California Dreaming with some of our favorites!  :)

This is what happens when your mom takes your phone away.  You learn to love reading again!  ;)

Pee Paw wanted us to help him get some more ammo, so we stopped at Academy.  The boys love anything involving guns, knives, etc...  so this was fun for them.  Meanwhile, Mee Maw and I were like...... YAWN! ;)  (They did let us run into a couple of cute stores after this, though, so it was all good!)  ;)

We ended the day with froyo, one of my favorite things!

The next day, we went to Dick Russell's for brunch and then headed over to the Eastern Shore for a movie.  We saw "Finding Dory" with Tina and Peyton.  So cute!

We ended the day with dinner at The Blue Gill.  This picture of little Jack helping big Jack to the car melts my heart!

Love these girls!

Bart headed back home on Sunday, so the boys and I headed to my parent's house for the week.

Kristie and I decided to take the kids to Gulf Shores for the day.  It was so fun!

My sis!

We stopped off at Burris Farmer's Market on the way home.  Such a fun tradition!  They have the BEST cobbler on the planet!

And somehow we ended up with two new pet hermit crabs. (What was I thinking?!)

We drove back over to Fairhope on Thursday to have lunch with Kacie and her boys.  So fun getting to see these sweet cousins!  We had never met Kacie's kids before.  They are precious!

On Friday, we met M and P at the country club for lunch and a swim.  It was a nice day.  We practically had the pool to ourselves!

My Mother-In-Law is cuter than yours!  ;)

The traditional picture at the grill!  :)

We went for one last meal at Big Time Diner with my parents that night.  It's always a hit!

And then breakfast at the Cracker Barrell (Yes, I am a good 5 pounds heavier than I was before we went to Mobile).

I'm missing this crazy sister of mine already!

And this fur baby missed me so much!  He has hardly left my side since we've been home!  

Not Alabama related, but our dear friends, the Jacobs, moved to Florida this week.  These were the sweet friends that made the move from Tulsa to Prosper at the same time we did.  They were such a God send for us when we went through our big move to Texas.  Mandi taught me so much during that time!  We went to dinner with them on Monday night before they headed out on their new adventure.  We sure are going to miss them, but wish them the very best in Florida!

And finally, Mom drove back with me and the boys on Sunday.  We only had two days together before she had to head back home.  We crammed in as much together time as we could before she left.  She took this pic of me at the cheesecake factory where we SHARED this piece of heaven!  Ha!  I have eaten so much that I am officially sick of food.  Back to healthy eating for me!  Gotta undo lots of damage.  It was worth it, though!  We had a great time and made lots of good memories with family!

If you need me, I'll be on the bike or counting my steps on my fitbit trying to fit into my jeans again!  ;)