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Mee Maw

Our precious Mee Maw is whole again! She met Jesus face to face last Tuesday, September 5th at 5:45 PM. She was surrounded by her girls, Pee Paw, her preacher and her favorite doctor.  It was a sweet, but sad moment as she breathed her last breath here on earth and stepped into eternity. Oh, how thankful I am she isn't suffering anymore, but oh how I selfishly miss her already. She loved me like one of her own since the day Bart and I were engaged 24 years ago. She was truly my second mom. She taught me so much and loved me so well.  How lucky was I to get to call her "mine" for those 24 years! (I secretly loved that I was her only daughter-in-law.  It made me fee special.  SHE made me feel special.)  My heart aches knowing she isn't here with us anymore, but I rejoice knowing I'll get to see her again one day!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her...

This was what I posted on facebook.  It sums up how I was feeling after the funeral, and still feel today.…

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