Summer Continued...

After returning from Mobile, we got back to the usual summer fun with haircuts, pool dates, and fun with friends!

Cooper was glad to have his pool and his brother back! 

His brother, on the other hand, still didn't want to play with him.  :(

We were so excited to have Sheila and Hunter come for a visit!

We went to try out Tim and Carrie's new yogurt shop!  YUM!!

 Of course, we went to Spoons in downtown McKinney while Hunter and Sheila were here (it's become a tradition)! 

Happy Birthday to Sheila!

Judd's youth director called him up front in youth on Sunday to discuss their upcoming mission trip to L.A.  I'm glad Hunter got to be there for that!

They had all of the youth going on the mission trip up front during the worship service to pray for them.  

Oh, and this happened....

EEEEEK!  Judd got his first car!  (How is our first born old enough to have his own car??!!)


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